1. Hate and love are two sides of the same coin
  2. Why is there a dragon in the living room?
  3. First day of “try not to die, and definitely try not to kill anyone” training
  4. They aren’t white lies, they’re just grey truths
  5. Becoming the Devil’s bride
  6. Calling in the cavalry
  7. The stars are singing tonight, no literally
  8. Try not to set anything on fire this time
  9. Anyone want to take bets on how long before they kill each other
  10. When the door is locked find a window, if there’s no window make one
  11. Living in a glass cage
  12. Everything falls apart
  13. A sword, a horrible plan, and a bag of peanuts (in case we get hungry)
  14. This is a terrible idea
  15. Better to be the one doing the stabbing than the one who gets stabbed in the back
  16. This is not a joke, seriously
  17. For the love of Captain Crunch
  18. There are worse ways to go, right?
  19. Stupid, idiotic, brainless vampires
  20. Captured by a chicken, I’ll never live this down
  21. Lord of the Froot Loops
  22. School for the lost and peculiar
  23. Magical mangoes should not be eaten, under any circumstances, ever.
  24. I hate this plan, this is a terrible plan
  25. Who thought it was a good idea to put Larry in charge?
  26. Death is coming…I am Death
  27. Truth or dare
  28. Through the looking glass
  29. It’s me not you
  30. Falling for the idiot with half a brain cell
  31. If I have to listen to you two bickering one more time I’m going to set someone’s hair on fire
  32. So this is the girl who is going to save the world, I thought she’d be taller…
  33. Love is a dangerous game in a kingdom full of liars
  34. Never play drinking games with a troll
  35. Look who it is, the eternal optimist
  36. Just so you know, we are all going to die
  37. Future me is somewhere laughing her ass off
  38. Playing with knives
  39. A demon, a pixy, and a werewolf all locked in a tower…I wish it were the beginning of a joke
  40. Guides who don’t know where they’re going
  41. I like you, as in I would like to strangle you and throw you out a window
  42. Destiny fights fate
  43. This is probably going to get us expelled
  44. I have officially drunk the Kool-aid
  45. Investigating my own murder
  46. The blind leading the deaf
  47. Perfect, I may as well go jump off that cliff now
  48. I looked into the darkness and the darkness looked back
  49. “Will you stop that”, a ten page essay by yours truly
  50. Keeping up with the Card King

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