Setting: Modern day Earth & a separate dimension

Character: A group of three high school friends, two girls and one boy

Prompt: One day three friends stumble upon a portal to a separate dimension and are swept into another world…one stranded on a viking ship where she must prove her worth or be killed, she finds protection through a young viking warrior…another lost in a city where she catches the eye of the eldest prince who after gaining her trust and learning all agrees to help her find her lost friends…the last thrust into a seaside village that is being attacked by a dark force from the west, befriending a young prophetess who teaches him how to control his newfound magic in this world and tells him of a destiny he isn’t ready to face…when the three friends finally reunite they find that their journey to this world may not have been entirely accidental and they have a very important destiny to fulfill that will either save this new world or doom it for all eternity…

Setting: Post-apocalyptic world

Character: Brother and sister duo whose parents were killed by animals when they were young

Prompt: Brother and sister are separated, one thrown into the wilderness where she must survive attacks from wild animals and a seemingly friendly group of human mutants who will not let her leave…the other stumbling into a city overrun by corrupt politicians where he joins a resistance group with the goal of freeing the citizens from the brutal thumb of their rulers, will brother and sister make it back to one another…

Setting: Lost city in the clouds

Character: A princess who longs to visit the world below

Prompt: Her wish comes true in a strange way when one day a grounder finds his way up to her city in the clouds, the princess must work to hide the grounder from the prying eyes of her people while learning all she can from the mysterious visitor, but the grounder may not be telling her everything and the princess must discover his true motives before it is too late…

Setting: England Regency Era 1812

Character: A girl with the ability to time travel 

Prompt: Accidentally trapped in regency era England, she discovers a plot to assassinate a young lord and must play a careful game of politics in order to uncover the true extent of the plot before it is too late, will she be able to save the man she has come to see as maybe more than just a friend…and when it is finally time to return to her own time will she be able to leave…

Setting: Steampunk world

Character: A trained assassin who is part girl part machine

Prompt: Stolen from her family at birth she has been raised to be the perfect assassin, when her next target is the young prince whom she knows has done no wrong she finally gathers the courage to disobey her masters in order to spare the innocent prince’s life, using the very skills her masters taught her she protects the prince while piecing together a sinister plot against the ruling family designed by the very masters who sent her to assassinate the prince, will she be able take down the people who stole her life away from her before it is too late or will they force her back into submission, taking more than just her own freedom this time…

Setting: A medieval world in which dragon riders are the Guardians of the realm

Character: A village girl

Prompt: Everyone is shocked when a girl is chosen to become one of the famed dragon riders, she is the first woman rider in a hundred years and her fellow male apprentices are not as welcoming as she had hoped, she must fight against prejudice, bullying, and the intense training regiment to prove that she is meant to be one of the dragon riders, having a psychic link to her very own dragon and a bond that no amount of bullying or slander could ever break makes up for some of the hardship, when a dark threat spreads over the land the young dragon rider apprentices are called out to battle before their training is complete and they must learn to work together in order to survive and triumph over the evil…

Setting: Modern day small-town America

Character: A fallen angel

Prompt: With her memory fuzzy and unsure about this new world that she has fallen into she is taken in by a loving family who hides her from the prying government eyes, but soon unexplainable things begin to happen and they all seem to point back to her, will she learn the true reason for why she was sent to this world before things grow too far out of her control, will she be able to complete her task and burn out the evil that has escaped into this world before the human she has come to love and the family she never thought she would have are taken from her…

Setting: A fantasy medieval world

Character: A circus freak born with wings

Prompt: Sold to the circus when she was just a baby, she finds a tentative family with the circus freaks who claim her as one of their own, when a group of Purists begin to attack the circuses, killing the unnatural freaks whom they see as abominations that must be eradicated from this world she must decide whether to fight with her family or run from this terrifying danger, will she find her courage before the end…

Setting: A magical library whose books hold real magical worlds within their pages

Character: Apprentice to the Keeper of the library

Prompt: When a book goes missing from the library, the apprentice must search for the thief and reclaim the world that has been taken for if a book leaves the library that world will be lost forever, following the thief into the stolen book he finds himself in a magical realm where he finds unlikely friends and allies in his search for the thief, will he capture the taker of worlds before it is too late and if he does succeed will he be able to leave this new world in which he’s found a people and place where he finally feels at home…

Setting: Fae Unseelie Court

Character: A lesser shapeshifting faerie

Prompt: It is unusual for a lesser fae to be noticed by the Lords and Ladies of the Unseelie Court but a young she-fox shifter catches their notice, protected by some and wanted dead by others she must dance carefully around the politics of the high fae court to discover why these powerful fae have taken such an interest in a lesser fae such as herself, unsure of her allies and enemies she is lost in this new and dangerous world and when she begins to fall for the younger fae prince her world becomes all the more complicated, but is the fae prince an enemy or a friend, will she learn how to play the fae court games, and will she discover what it is about her that have the high fae so worried before one of those who want her dead succeeds…

Final Thoughts:

If you would like to see more of these kinds of writing prompts give this post a like or let me know in the comments below. I thoroughly enjoyed writing these so I would be happy to do another prompt based post like this one. I love seeing other peoples writing so if you do end up using one or more of these prompts feel free to send it my way and perhaps I will do a post featuring what you’ve come up with. Happy writing!

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