60 Fun Chapter Titles to Inspire Your Creativity…

  1. You’re late…again
  2. Is anyone going to save the world?
  3. I just really really like seashells
  4. Is it even possible to be jealous of a frog?
  5. Obsession with a magic mirror
  6. Talking nonsense to someone with no sense
  7. His name is Tiny and he’s very sensitive about it
  8. I’m not losing I just really like the taste of dirt
  9. Blood is a very nutritious diet
  10. But it’s not even a full moon
  11. Keeping up with the Keepers
  12. You can’t see that?
  13. Okay, who farted!
  14. This might actually work…if we don’t kill each other first
  15. The grand opening is cut short by a…
  16. Late night confessions
  17. Diary of a dead girl walking
  18. Why does everyone always think this is like Harry Potter?
  19. You look like an idiot
  20. Learning to say no
  21. Oops, I set a girl’s hair on fire
  22. Put that down before you kill us!
  23. I didn’t think dying would be this exciting
  24. Trying to find the center
  25. You’re going to get yourself killed
  26. Geometry has never been more confusing
  27. Where am I? The more appropriate question would be when am I?
  28. Is this heaven?
  29. Don’t EVER challenge a troll to a wasabi eating contest
  30. Getting down and dirty…just kill me now, I’m surrounded by immature idiots 
  31. The obligatory battle scene
  32. Who knew a talking chicken could be so damn annoying… 
  33. Saying goodbye is always the easiest part
  34. What dimension are we in?
  35. Whoa, I didn’t know you could turn invisible, wicked!
  36. Counting dead stars
  37. Sweet morning texts of murder
  38. Bystanders are equally guilty 
  39. My first dragon riding lesson…what could go wrong?
  40. What wass ins thoose dthrinks? 
  41. Living is like being thrust into a fiery pit
  42. Sacrificing my soul for an idiot
  43. Killing is never the answer except for when it is
  44. When did my sister become Queen B?
  45. Failing at everything except the unimportant
  46. Sleeping with my best friend…get your head out of the gutter
  47.  Signing over my freedom to an asshole
  48. Why is it always me?
  49. Death falling out of the sky
  50. Saving the dragon
  51. We. Are. Not. Mates.
  52. I refuse to give you the satisfaction
  53. Deconstructing and rebuilding a pen is qualification enough to dismantle a bomb
  54. I got this…okay maybe not
  55. The ground is falling
  56. Need some help over there
  57. Falling in hate
  58. How to strangle someone with your eyes, a step by step guide
  59. The first kill is always the hardest
  60. Don’t open your eyes

Final Thoughts

Chapter titles can be an important factor in grabbing your reader’s attention. An unexpected or creative chapter title can give that extra bit of intrigue to your story that will keep your reader flipping pages with eager curiosity. I hope these titles inspire your writing!

Writing your own chapter titles can be a fun exercise in and of itself. If you are feeling stuck, try punching out a few chapter titles. Let those titles inspire new and unexpected ideas for your story. Have fun!

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