1. “I’m gonna need three boxes of cheerios, my mage staff, and a sword.” “What’s with the cheerios?” “Well, we’re gonna need a snack if we’re saving the world.”
  2. “We’re all going to die.” “Stop being so dramatic, it’s just the Devil…and like a hundred of his minions. Okay maybe like a thousand.”
  3. “What if you do the thing, you know, the thing where you go to the bathroom but then sneak out through the window.” “Seriously! That only works in the movies.”
  4. “What-what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be dead.” “Sorry to disappoint.”
  5. “What are you doing with that!? Put that down before you blow us all up.”
  6. “Calm down. You can do this.” “Shut up! You are so not helping right now.” “Well excuse me for trying to calm the girl who started a freaking hurricane!”
  7. “Holy shit! You…you just walked through a freaking wall. How? What?”
  8. “Do you even know how to disarm a bomb?” “Not exactly, but I watch a lot of crime shows.” “Great. We’re all going to die.”
  9. “Hey, stop that! You’ll get your wings all caught up in my hair. Ouch! Dammit, why do I always get stuck on baby dragon duty?”
  10. “Can you help him?” “He has to want me to help. I can’t force him.” “Please. He needs to be taught control before he kills someone.”
  11. “I like you. You’re funny.” “Yeah cause falling on my ass and setting an entire castle on fire is so very hilarious.”
  12. “It’s just a game. None of this is actually happening. Right?”
  13. “How am I supposed to know where he went? I was too busy saving your ass.” “I didn’t need saving dammit. I had it under control.” “Right cause nearly being decapitated is totally you having it under control.”
  14. “Is that a…dog?” “Uhh, I think it’s a uhh, a wolf-bear-lion…thing.” “No, it’s definitely a dog, a really really ugly dog.”
  15. “We can’t just leave them behind.” “If we don’t go now we’ll be stuck in 1854 forever. You really wanna take that risk for a bunch of thieves and murderers?” “Yes.”
  16. “What the actual…” “Hey language!” “But I didn’t even say it. And in case you didn’t notice. That’s a troll, like a ten foot freaking ugly as fuck troll! So I think I’ve earned the right to curse.”
  17. “Will you please shut up. I can’t take anymore of this mushy gushy stuff.” “I didn’t say anything.” “Well your thoughts are loud as fuck.”
  18. “What do you want me to do? I can’t exactly go back and change the timeline. You know that’s illegal.”
  19. “Is that normal? That can’t be normal. Oh god, I think I’m gonna be sick.” “Oh come on newbie. It’s just a little decapitation spell. Ever seen that video of the headless chickens running around.” “Yep definitely gonna be sick.”
  20. “Did you bring it?” “Yeah. But now I’m really curious what a ten year old girl needs with a dragon claw.”
  21. “Get out of my head!” “Hey, it’s not my fault. Your shields are down. Come on, that’s practically an invitation.”
  22. “What do you see?” “Nothing. I’m blind, remember.” “Seriously, that old joke. You know what I meant. Can you see if they’re coming?”
  23. “That idiot. He better not be trying to fly again. I swear he has some sort of death wish.”
  24. “Lesson number one. Never, and I mean never, lose your wizard gem. Without that, you’re as good as dead.”
  25. “Awww he’s kinda cute. If you look past the fangs and claws.” “Uhhh, I don’t think it likes being called cute.” “Oh shit. Run!”

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